As i start

After numerous attempts to start blogging, I must admit there is no guarantee this will last much longer than any other attempts abandoned quite early after conception. The one difference this time though is I have a slightly better idea of what I want to achieve, and why i should have a “blog”. But first a little about myself:

A little over a year ago I knew very little about WordPress, nothing about PHP and just a little html and css (and a wee bit of JavaScript). At the present I have created over ten websites, developed custom WordPress themese for private clients, and started taking part in the WordPress communities. I’ve even delved into application programming beyond just creating WP-themes, none of which currently gone live.

I never had any intentions of working with web development. I have a bachelors degree in  film theory, and a masters in media and communication with specialization in computer games research. As i mentioned, until recently my programming experience was all but void. I still consider myself primarily a film worker. And the majorty of my work is related to film festivals – in fact I spend most of each fall working as a coordinator for Fredrikstad Animation Festival – and other culture happenings. I only happened to start working with webdevelopment when asked by a friend to do some redesign on a website for a small publishing house.

Originally a project only involving me adjusting html and css on a site built on WordPress, i soon realized the lack of control I had over all the stuff that happende between <?php and ?>. So I decided to learn PHP to be able to do more. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’ve probably been underqualified fpr any of the projects in web development I’ve done the last year. But I have used every possibility I’ve been given to learn through the process of building the websites I’ve built. In fact, now, if a project is not challenging in a way that I have to expand my knowledge of any aspect of we development, I get bored with it extremely fast, and have to go to some lengths to motivate myself to complete it.

If you’ve bothered reading this far you’ve probably deduced that this is to be a blog about web development. Mostly related to WordPress, which is my tool of choice. But, just as I can’t guarantee this little project will live longer than a few posts,  I can’t guarantee it will all be about the web. I consider myself an extremely eclectic person, and I find almost everything interesting. I have strong opinions on politics, religion art and culture, so be warned, I might use this blog for just that.


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